Who We Are

I believe I can Fly


Hearts A Flutter Daycare's philosophy is based on my belief that children have the drive to be self-confident individuals seeking an understanding of the world surrounding them. I believe that it is my goal to provide to all children a safe environment that builds self-esteem and empowers children by creating an atmosphere were social, physical, cognitive, and emotional development can take place. This goal is met by providing an array of activities and an experience which allows the child to pretend, discover, and learn to self-sufficient. I’ve learned that when you understand how children think and behave at different ages. You will know how to guide them, motivate them, and how to provide an optimum Learning environment and experiences for them. I believe that by understanding a child development will also improve confidence in the classroom and will enable me to adjust my programs to the individual needs of each child in my classroom. Planning is truly one of the most important jobs of a teacher. It also helps me feel prepared and in control of the direction in which my class is moving. It also allows me to establish a relationship between the parent and child. To ensure their trust in me that I would nurture, comfort, and protect their children. We believe in the uniqueness of each child. “Every child can learn, just not on the same day, or the same time” (George Evans) Providing a developmentally appropriate program that focus on the process of learning, cultural diversity, explore, and play and allows for the child to grown and learn. Together we will learn something new each day.


Why Us?

Hearts A Flutter Day Care mission is to provide affordable quality child care that meets the needs of parents and families. We believe in providing a childlike, safe, healthy, clean, loving, nurturing, reliable and creative developmentally appropriate environment.